Which equipment is best for ADHD, allergies and an autism?

1. My daughter had same issues 4 years ago and has made remarkable recovery I started with 4 generators and then got central and plasma download software and take a look need pc to have dedicated to your set I bought refurbished ones 175.

2. Probiotics/kefir known help a lot with autism as anxiety. Anxiety is a lot to do with your gut. Your brain also with stress will slow blood too your gut. That’s why and the saying goes. Go with your gut feeling.

3. Scalar! I put homeopathic therapies on the plate and have better success with allergies with that then the GX. However with detox, especially heavy metals, the Generators are faster with that. But you can put substances that help with detoxing on the scalar plate too. So far the scalar has been healing my adrenal function faster than anything else I've worked with in all these years!

4. IMHO, it’s hard to say what you don't need, but it’s easier to say what can be useful. Healing is a process and there may be different times in the treatment regime when different quantities and qualities of equipment can be used to help the problem. It has to be specific to the individual. You can start with just one essentials kits, then expand that to cover more remote work with a few XM generators and then see whether you want to go nuclear (LOL) and use central or plasma. The thing is, you don’t have to buy everything that you think you need all in one go. That’s a beauty of the Spooky2 system.

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