How do you know what programs or presets to select?

1. In choosing frequencies, these are the options I have found:
1- Do a BFB scan.
2- Run a protocol like Morgellons/Lyme to get everything.
3- Pick different programs and when I feel bad to make a note of where in the program I am at. You can load up to a couple hours' worth of "like" programs at a time.
If doing #3, also look to see what kind of frequencies they are - PROV, XTRA.

2. Another option that I use all the time, and many others here do too, is to dowse with a Pendulum or Muscle test and ask the body which Presets and Programs are best to use. Works marvelously.

3. Yet another option is to learn how to do a grade scan. That is a kind of biofeedback scan whereby you ask the system to give you the best frequencies for your body that are in premade frequency sets. You can then get a whole host of frequencies, select the top 10 or 20 and then create a set with them and run that through a shell preset.

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