What's the best method of getting rid of a cold virus with Rife?

1. Do your scan and just run it. I must say that I cannot imagine what I would do without the scan digitizer with the GX. I put mucus on the plate and it runs overnight and a vast improvement. I continue if needed but for us, usually overnight does it. I also run antibiotic programs and John Whites top 100.

2. There is a program call antibiotic that has many top frequencies for general pathogens including viruses. Try running the XMRV virus in contact mode.

3. Try SV40 Virus, Adeno Virus, or a Sinusitis set. You should feel a difference within 45 mins. If so, run until you start feeling like you are going downhill and then change the program to something else. Obviously, if you don't feel anything on the first set, change it. I dowse for sets but find I need to change the programs sometimes several times a day.

4. I used 4 XM generators with Remote to run the Biofilm Presets in the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol to get rid of recurrent respiratory infection. It took a while to run them all per the guide, but the infection left and hasn't been back. It has been about 2 years or so since I ran it.

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