Why does the software say do not use this program as it’s in test mode.

1. Give this try:
1) Go to Control tab.
2) Click on Amplitude Wobble button once.
And you should be able to continue.

2. Check your USB connection, power down and reboot.
If you're doing a genuine biofeedback scan you should not be in test mode. Please go to the Utils menu at the top and select "Rescan devices".

For more details, please check the link:

3. The software didn't detect your generators. If the software said "No generators were detected" when you open it, then that's the case. Just make sure you connect everything right and click Utils-Rescan Devices.

4. You didn't download the drivers. Then click Utils and download the drivers by following the step.

For more details, please check the link:

5. Here's what I do when I see this situation on people's computer:
1). Go into Spooky2's Util menu, and choose the "Install Spooky2-XM Drivers".
2). Quit Spooky2.
3). Unplug the USB cable between the XM Generators and the computer, and unplug the USB cable for Spooky2 Pulse.
4). Then following the instructions in this document, delete all the phantom ports. https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/978710752290828/ 
5). Make sure the XM are powered on. Then plug the USB cable between the XM generator and the computer.
6). In the Device Manager, under Ports (COM & LPT), make sure a new Silicon Labs device appears, not dimmed out. If it is dimmed, go back to step 3.
7). Now go Into Device Manager, and open up "Human Interface Devices".
8). Plug in the USB cable for the Spooky2 Pulse into the computer (not into a USB hub, as the Pulse only works if plugged directly into the computer).
9). A new device should show up under "Human Interface Devices". If one does not, try another USB port, or try another USB cable. The green light should light up on the Spooky2 Pulse.
10). If the XM and the Pulse appear on the Device Manager, then start Spooky2.

For more details, please check the link:

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