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Should I treat gut first or run Terrain first if I have leaky gut?

1. Everybody’s got their own opinions. Go with the Terrain, there’s no clause in rife that says you need to heal your gut first. That’s being too rigid.

2. Intuitively, I think the terrain protocol might help heal the gut, just be sure to go at a pace that allows your body to detox comfortably.

3. If you have a supportive practitioner, that is an advantage for you. Tell them what you are doing and see what kind of bloodwork or other tests can be done that will give you insight and feedback on your Rifing. Since Leaky Gut creates body-wide inflammation, in order to reduce inflammation and isolate the Leaky Gut symptoms, parasite information, metals, toxins, thyroid function, liver function, etc. would point to the other heaviest loads on your system. This could allow you to decide if you want to target anything specific before you do the whole terrain program.

Your practitioner may be able to tell you if it's easier to monitor your progress if you focus on specific things at a time or just tackle everything at once.

4. Personally, for me I had to cut out gluten from my diet and also I’m running Rife programs for celiac. Was a life changer.

5. I did Terrian on contact and I had a massive "detox" in the bathroom that made me feel a lot better. It has to help through taking out the trash.

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