Are there any suggestions on anaplastic meningioma?

1. I see the same in the programs but I am sure there is a way to work with this pragmatically. From what I know meningioma have a relationship to the central nervous system so it might be useful to run CNS related programs and then follow the Cancer presets due to it being a malignant anaplastic meningioma. Perhaps as an adjunct add anything to do with tissues and bones, oxygen and blood cleansers to your Cancer preset (there will already be some of these there already) and give it the works. I would say that Essiac tea Vitamin C and Ozone IV's is good to use.

2. If you can, you can benefit from the Plasma option for brain cancer. And in conjunction, you can use your GeneratorX with all the attachments. Spooky2 Scalar is the new kid on the block but I see that so many are benefiting as I have using GeneratorX in conjunction with Scalar and then using the other side of GeneratorX for biofeedback, remote and contact frequencies.

I do hope you are able to continue with cannabis oil and needs to find the correct ratio of THC to CBD which in the case of brain cancer is 75:25. Join Cannabis Oil Success Stories and search past posts for info.

If you wish to heal you must be 100% invested in your willingness to cure as I have found this to be half the battle. It is also important not to invest every minute in illness but to change up the scenery and live as though each second counts - the lesson for many to learn from their cancer journey. If there is a facebook group for Anaplastic Meningioma, join and see what else is recommended. I would say that it may be a good idea to join a Glioblastoma group where you may be able to glean more information. Of course, you know to be aware of some crazy information out there but I found the easiest way to put all the information I needed together was to create a private page where I could share the information I had found and make notes and use the search feature to recall anything I needed to access.

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