Why Rife cannot prevent dying?

1. The Rife machine is just one weapon, high dose vitamin C, aloe arborescence with Manuka honey, lemon water, alkalising the body, starving the cancer cells etc. are all weapons that are used. Don't look at the rife machine as the only tool in the battle it is one of many.

2. Unless you are in the home with these people who have died, you cannot know why it did not work. As an example my mother had leukemia almost 30 years ago. I knew of, through 2 friends who had cleared their cancer after being told (UCLA medical) they only had a few months left to live. It did come back a few years later, but that friend was able to control it for another ten years with having chemo or radiation. They went to a holistic clinic in San Diego, run by award winning cancer research doctors. I convinced my mother to go, and as it turned out her MD at the clinic had had the same leukemia and was10 years in remission. That is why he stayed to help others. My mother followed their protocol and was doing great. She looked better than she did before she became ill. So she went back home, where she lived alone. Her family doctor in this small town told her she would die if she continued this protocol. I was a single parent, running a business and unfortunately I could not just move up to help her. She stopped doing the protocol and began chemo and radiation and she died a year later. This is the short version. I was so sad when she told me she was going to stop and do the chemo. It was her decision, and I had to let it go. She did not have the support she needed. The therapy they were doing at the clinic was new and controversial. It was call immuno-therapy. Today most of us have heard of it. It’s very expensive. You cannot know why people die. Cancer can be so aggressive, that sometimes it just gets ahead of those very sick patients. If we get rid of whatever the root cause of the illness is, and give the body what it needs, it will heal itself.

3. About 7 years ago, I leaned of PEMF, pulsed electromagnetic therapy pads. I could not believe what I was seeing. I thought it was too good to be true. I watch and read anything I could find on these pads. My husband was having serious knee issues, I had a bad case of sciatica that I had been dealing with for three years. I took a chance and spent a good deal of money to by this unit. This was before spooky2. I got so much flac from people for spending money of this pseudo-science machine! This machine has save me, my family, my pets, my friends so much money in medical bills. Within 3 days my sciatica was so much better. Within a week I had no more pain. I could go on and on. They say placebo effect. Well you tell my cat who was so arthritic she could barely walk. In 2016 the FDA approved them for a myriad of physical issues. Sometimes, after you have done your homework, and read everything you can on the subject, you have to take a chance. Only you can make that decision. Good luck on your healing journey.

4. RIFE is a tool, not the be all end all, just like diet, supplements and therapies are not the be all end all, I had a client several years ago who was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, I suggested a living food vegan diet (the only one I knew at the time that could help cure cancer), and she did that, with wheat grass juice daily, as well as RIFE treatments with another practitioner, essential oils and colon hydrotherapy, in 16 weeks she was 100% healed, but ultimately, wasn't able to address the emotional reasons for her cancer (which we worked on extensively), and was overwhelmed by a fearful husband, she started eating the SAD diet again, and within 16 months died from stage 4 cancer, despite aggressive chemo, etc., I was really sad because she cured it once, but taking the "cure" to the next level which meant addressing her fear of confronting her husband stopped her, So, anyway, there are causes of cancer that only God can help us heal, but we have to do our part and be willing to LET HIM.

5. It isn't the only answer but I have cleared Candida, molds, pesticides, EMF's, heavy metals, and parasites with the help of my Naturopath using the Rife so I bought my own to use at home because I'm sure I will pick up more junk every day. This goes along with eating clean food, whole food supplements, and any other healthy protocol you can find. One thing alone doesn't fix all the issues but it's a great tool!

6. Most people who heal themselves and are using the device are probably also making other major lifestyle changes which are helping greatly as well. Plus even without any type of treatment whatsoever many people will heal from cancer or other serious conditions anyway. Also depending on their mind state. A person who believes they are going to get worse most likely will but someone who thinks positively and who strengthens their willpower can help fight off disease more easily, because the way it affects the energy flow in the body and the immune system and such.

7. It is a very advanced technology but it does not supersede proper nutrition, good counseling, etc. The key is to focus on balancing the body. Many "pathogens" aren't actually pathogens, but the rife community doesn't recognize that. Mycoplasma shows up when the body has too much lead; Aspergilis Orzea is actually good for you, unlike other forms of Aspergillis, it cultures Coji and makes different vitamins; "good" strains of E.coli actually produce PABA and fight Cohn’s disease; even Candida cleans the cell membrane of dead tissue and produces antibiotics for the body.

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