Can I do biofeedback scan using remote?

1. With Spooky2 Pulse, you can use Spooky2 Remote to administer frequencies, but my opinion is the biofeedback works better with the TENS pads. There is no way to do a biofeedback on a fingernail clipping. If you are looking for living pathogens on the fingernail clipping, you could ground it up and put it in water into the Sample Digitizer. If there is no pathogens on your clipping, this will do nothing except treat you to a frequency sweep between 41 KHz - 1.8 MHz. You cannot find pathogens in your body from the fingernail clipping unless those same pathogens happen to be on the clipping.

2. Biofeedback scan using the heartbeat input from your body is way more valuable.

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