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"Examining all the claims made by Spooky2's promoters is impossible since is marketed as a cure-all system. But here is my concise analysis of principal therapeutic claims listed above.

Killing microorganisms by the application of special 'frequencies' may sound superficially plausible, but Royal Rife's trials have never been duplicated and his ideas were discredited during his lifetime."

His ideas were refuted but not discredited. His offices and clinics were raided, equipment confiscated and subsequently destroyed to prevent replication.

"Furthermore, most electrical delivery methods claimed by Spooky2 could not penetrate the body deeply enough to reach the supposedly targeted organs. Low-voltage direct current applied to the skin flows along the outer surface of the skin."

Untrue. The skin is an insulator, and will resist current flow.
The body has resistance to current flow. More than 99% of the body's resistance to electric current flow is at the skin. However, it does pass easily through the body.

"Plasma gas-discharge tubes emit visible and ultraviolet light, which do not reach beneath the skin due to reflection and absorption."

No claim has been made that the visible light from a plasma tube has a healing effect. Furthermore, some plasma tubes have a black surface and emit no light whatsoever. Electrical and magnetic fields easily pass through the body tissues. It is these fields which have the biological effect.

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Organs and Tissues

A large body of literature exists on the response of tissues to electromagnetic fields, primarily in the extremely-low-frequency (ELF) and microwave-frequency ranges. In general, the reported effects of radiofrequency (RF) radiation on tissue and organ systems have been attributed to thermal interactions, although the existence of nonthermal effects at low field intensities is still a subject of active investigation. This chapter summarizes reported RF effects on major physiological systems and provides estimates of the threshold specific absorption rates (SARs) required to produce such effects. Organ and tissue responses to ELF fields and attempts to characterize field thresholds are also summarized.

"The 'quantum entanglement' effects said to underlie the 'remote' mode of operation are reliably observed only with individual subatomic particles. Objects the size of DNA molecules have exhibited entanglement in lab conditions, but only on timescales and at distances far too small to support this claim."

Quantum entanglement is currently being used for long-distance communication and other applications such as quantum cryptography.
[Quantum Entanglement, (Ryszard Horodecki et al), Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, Technical University of Gda ́nsk)

"PEMF has some recognized medical uses, but these are limited to long bone fractures and depression [21,22]."

This is a lie. The body is electric and responds to both magnetic and electric fields.

Mechanisms and therapeutic effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in oncology

"Cancer is one of the most common causes of death worldwide. Available treatments are associated with numerous side effects and only a low percentage of patients achieve complete remission. Therefore, there is a strong need for new therapeutic strategies. In this regard, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy presents several potential advantages including non‐invasiveness, safety, lack of toxicity for non‐cancerous cells, and the possibility of being combined with other available therapies. Indeed, PEMF stimulation has already been used in the context of various cancer types including skin, breast, prostate, hepatocellular, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, bladder, thyroid, and colon cancer in vitro and in vivo."

Peer-reviewed studies confirm the effectiveness of PEMF therapy and treatment. These include treatment for:

  • Animal Behavior Studies
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Anti-Aging Machine
  • Arthritis
  • Athletic Performance Enhancement
  • Autism
  • Bone and Connective Tissue
  • Cancer – O2 & ATP levels
  • Depression
  • EMF Protection – PEMF as Interruptive Field
  • Epilepsy
  • Endometriosis
  • Entrainment – Schumann & Psychobiology
  • Eyes – Glaucoma – Optic Nerve
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lyme Disease
  • Insomnia
  • Migraine
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Nerve Regeneration / Spinal Cord Injury
  • Neuropathy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pain
  • Parkinson's
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Stroke
  • Thyroid
  • Tinnitus
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury & Coma & rTMS
  • Wounds
The research to date has shown that the mechanisms by which PEMF works are complicated and likely involve many pathways. It is clear that certain windows of frequency and intensity are capable of increasing mitosis in cells such as chondrocytes, osteoblasts, fibrocytes and endothelial cells. These effects, as shown in Table 3, will lead to improved healing time of soft tissues and bone. In addition to increasing cell metabolism, perhaps PEMF’s greatest power is in its ability to ameliorate the effects of inflammation by decreasing inflammatory cytokines. This effect should give the practitioner cause to consider PEMF in the treatment of numerous inflammatory conditions including, perhaps, autoimmune diseases such as MS.

"The ways that the human body detoxifies are well known: The lymphatic system, liver, and kidneys work together to excrete foreign substances whose buildup would be toxic to the body. If they can't handle the job, medical intervention is needed. The notion that Spooky2 'detoxes' by 'jackhammering' foreign matter out of cells through any external mechanism is absurd."

Spooky2 does not "jackhammer" foreign matter out of cells. The detox programs are designed to support the detoxifying organs and release toxins into the bloodstream for subsequent removal.

"Healing or 'supporting' the body by inputting 'beneficial frequencies' is not supported by science, or even by the chain of argument laid out in the Spooky2 User Guide."

NASA astronauts used PEMF during their space missions to emulate naturally occurring magnetic signals. Without these signals, the astronauts would become ill, with compromised immune systems.

"Entrainment is a real phenomenon observable in mechanical and some biological systems. However, the pendulums in the clock experiment became synchronous only when suspended from the same beam and not through some force that travels through the air. And menstrual synchrony (the notion that in human women who live together synchronize their menstrual cycles) is not a real phenomenon [23]. Furthermore, organs and systems do not have characteristic 'frequencies'."


Life on earth has evolved in a sea of natural electromagnetic (EM) fields. Over the past century, this natural environment has sharply changed with introduction of a vast and growing spectrum of man-made EM fields. From models based on equilibrium thermodynamics and thermal effects, these fields were initially considered too weak to interact with biomolecular systems, and thus incapable of influencing physiological functions. Laboratory studies have tested a spectrum of EM fields for bioeffects at cell and molecular levels, focusing on exposures at athermal levels. A clear emergent conclusion is that many observed interactions are not based on tissue heating. Modulation of cell surface chemical events by weak EM fields indicates a major amplification of initial weak triggers associated with binding of hormones, antibodies, and neurotransmitters to their specific binding sites. Calcium ions play a key role in this amplification. These studies support new concepts of communication between cells across the barriers of cell membranes; and point with increasing certainty to an essential physical organization in living matter, at a far finer level than the structural and functional image defined in the chemistry of molecules. New collaborations between physical and biological scientists define common goals, seeking solutions to the physical nature of matter through a strong focus on biological matter. The evidence indicates mediation by highly nonlinear, nonequilibrium processes at critical steps in signal coupling across cell membranes. There is increasing evidence that these events relate to quantum states and resonant responses in biomolecular systems, and not to equilibrium thermodynamics associated with thermal energy exchanges and tissue heating.

"Spooky2's claimed 'biofeedback' mechanism is unrelated to established medical procedures with the same name. It merely combines the 'killing' claim with the fanciful notion that nearly instantaneous changes in heart rate accompany every 'kill'. The Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction appropriated to support this claim is a response to antimicrobial treatment of syphilis and a few other infections but takes hours to occur, not seconds [24]."
Amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields for the treatment of cancer: Discovery of tumor-specific frequencies and assessment of a novel therapeutic approach

Variations in the amplitude of the radial pulse were used as the primary method for frequency detection. They were defined as an increase in the amplitude of the pulse for one or more beats during scanning of frequencies from 0.1 to 114,000 Hz using increments of 100 Hz. Whenever a change in the amplitude of the pulse is observed, scanning is repeated using increasingly smaller steps, down to 10-3 Hz. Frequencies eliciting the best biofeedback responses, defined by the magnitude of increased amplitude and/or the number of beats with increased amplitude, were selected as tumor-specific frequencies.

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