Any suggestions on chronic lung infection caused by Aspergillus?

1. You need diet change, probiotics, antifungals, how doctors missed this is a mystery.

2. I don't know what the species was but I had a lung infection with some kind of mould and I cleared it with the plasma tube and the overnight Miscellaneous - Plasma - Broad spectrum antibiotic preset over a week.

3. You can try Charlene Boehme DNA frequencies on aspergillus - there's a few - they work well.

4. Look into the herb Osha to help aid this. It’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, increases oxygen and more. Awesome for fungal infections in the lungs specifically.

5. Breathe the vapor of colloidal silver from a diffuser. Remember it is known to kill fungus, virus, and bacteria. Perhaps a hydrosol like a pathogen assassin.

6. A diet change is essential for success. A diet low in sugar and low in animal products (maybe the China Study Diet) would help a lot. And vitamin therapy could also be beneficial, particularly if she took vitamin B17 perhaps in the form of raw, organic apricot kernels. Iodine therapy would also help. 10 drops of Lugol's per day would change your life. You might also add MMS/DMSO into your regime several times a day along with bentonite 3-4 times a day as well. I wrote a 3-volume series about no-chemo, no-radiation cancer cures called the Cancer Cure Catalog and many of these treatments are essential for the treatment of fungal infections. Two years ago, my whole family had a yeast infection.

7. Organic sulfur crystals There is info online. Sulfur is good at getting rid of any fungal or mold issues in the body, especially the sinuses. Also, look up Dr. Jennifer Daniels about pure gum spirits of turpentine for lung issues, specifically pneumonia. Both of these remedies promote health all through the body.

8. Use multiple tools simultaneously to increase the effect. For the fungi please consider 15 grams of L-Ascorbic acid and some Borax. Stay away from sugars and grains, eat plenty of lemon, berry, melon to clean out lymph, detox for old antibiotics, and get the probiotics up. If leaky gut than bone broth and raw-milk kefir.

9. Start on the following: total para, total yeast Redux, exspore. All are by Nutri West. Maybe 3 to 6 daily of congaplex by standard process. Also albaplex by standard process. The combination of those five products should clear up the issue.

10. Nebulizing(ultrasound) colloidal silver, drink it regularly too, essential to compliment with probiotics and enzymes. Ramp up to take at least 10Grams of vitamin C for baseline immune support, PEMF on the chest (MiraMate mat or high intensity localized devices). Also move out now, to a place that is 100% clear of mold. Even the smallest amount can hinder recovery.

11. I have allergic bronco pulmonary aspergillosis. I have had it for 13 years. The Aspergillus is relentless. If this is what you have then you should absolutely see a pulmonologist. This fungus eventually leads to pulmonary fibrosis and death! I use the Rife frequencies. I put it into remission for 6 years with a Tumeric supplement called Meriva SF I took 2000 mg. You should be monitoring it with a blood test called IgE. Taking turpentine can kill it. However, it can come out of remission as it recently did for me. Just a single surviving spore can start it growing again. I have had to take both prednisone and itraconazole to kill it. Try adding those frequencies to your Rife program too. Beware that the fungus can block your airway and cause obstructive pneumonia. Please work with a physician to monitor it.

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