Can I use Spooky2 if my body has been broken by antibiotics, herbs, etc.?

1. Spooky2 Rife therapy seems to be able to help with anything. I can't tell you what the protocol should be, you have to work that out with your own research. I personally use my Rife therapy in conjunction with other treatments that I am running to get the best result.

2. I'm only brand new to this technology but as a holistic practitioner, have learned that there can be many viral infections, esp. If someone has been vaccinated, and other issues, would highly recommend starting Rife protocols as eliminating these and deep toxins like heavy metals are hard to do with diet, fasting, and lifestyle alone sometimes, Dr. Sherry Rogers has good info on detoxing also.

3. Absolutely! I bought this machine the deluxe Ferrari version for a similar situation and I cannot believe the results! I don’t know how every household can live without one of these! Go for it you will not be sorry!

By the way, I have since purchased nine generators since my initial purchase if that gives you any indication as to how fantastic this technology is.

4. When you get it to address the adrenal weakness first. Nothing gets better if the adrenals are too stressed.

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