Is it recommended to remain on binders during detox metals, chemical toxins, and systemic toxins of Terrain?

1. I understand it that when detoxing, Rife shakes the chemical toxins, metals, system toxins out of their hiding place to be detoxed from the body through its natural detox pathways - intestines, urine, skin, breast milk (nursing moms).

It's up to each individual if they want to take binders. Some people do not feel the need to. They typically have a clean diet and have detoxed previously with other methods. Those who do not have a clean diet and have not detoxed other ways appear to have more of a difficult time with Terrain.

These things can relocate elsewhere in the body. You would likely feel achiness and fatigue.
Spooky2 standard practice is to run the programs. Spooky2 cannot advise one to take binders as some may cause issues with certain people.

2. When I ran the Terrain protocol, I had Herx reaction (a good thing) on the fourth day and hence had to take a break for about 2 weeks. Activated charcoal & celery juice helped me to get over the Herx. My personal experience indicates that binders will be useful, drinking lots of water & take it easy and listen to your body.

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