How to use contact mode correctly?

1. The socks and glove can stretch. If they are not a snug fit they can cause burns. Please check before use.

For more details, please check the link:

2. If you are using TENS pads, Please replace TENS pads regularly to make sure they have good contact to the skin.

Whatever contact mode you are using: Make sure it is not 100% offset in the setting. Please strictly follow.

3. If you are dehydrated & the body is acidic then the contact mode can cause burns. To avoid this properly hydrant (i.e. drink plenty of water), use contact cylinder (as palm skin is thick), moisturizer your palms with salt water or better still place a wet (with a salt solution) kitchen paper towel on the cylinders. As Spooky2 contact mode is able to alkalize the body hence after a week or two of regular use of cylinders the skin contact mode is less likely to cause burns.

4. After your skin burns, suggest you try the cold laser daily for 30-minute sessions and colloidal silver for fast healing.

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