What are the differences between GX offline mode and online mode?

GeneratorX saves the programs currently loaded. The other settings saved in GeneratorX are Waveform, Amplitude, Offset, Duty Cycle, Gate and Dwell.

Each program is limited to 200 frequencies, each using the same waveform, amplitude, offset and duration (dwell).

The Out 2 signal will be the inverse of Out 1. You cannot use Out 2 for modulation for Spooky Central or Spooky Plasma. However, special presets are available which allow these machines to run connecting only Out 1 at the Input.

Frequencies are fixed, with no sweeps. If a program containing a sweep is loaded, only the start frequency is used.

Please note that you cannot have low-frequency amplitude reductions, frequency / waveform swaps, wobbles, schedules or similar tasks if the computer is not connected. A computer is needed to perform these functions.

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    Joyce Allen

    This could be very useful.  But it isn't.  It's too brief and doesn't cover the topic.

    What about cold laser wrist?  Online or offline.  I couldnt get it to run offline.

    What about the Meridian Clock?  Does that require the computers timing system to run?

    etc. etc.


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