Any suggestions on fingertips wound?

1. My husband sliced off the top of his ring finger on a power plainer tool and rushed to hospital. They wanted to cut off the entire top joint to the knuckle. My husband said: "No way! That's my guitar playing hand!" The doctors thought it would be a neater job. So, they instead stretched the flap over top and today it is almost unnoticeable. That was before Spooky2 days. So, glad he made that decision for himself. Colloidal silver is a good antibiotic.

2. Do not underestimate the use of the remote. It is nearly as effective as contact - per advance users and the developer who specially designed it for its effectiveness.

When using contact, do not use contact over a knuckle or over arteries. I am not sure to apply contact for a fingertip injury.

While we all wish Rife therapy was quick and in some cases it is, it will take a few weeks to heal.

Check out this success story - other than 2 plasma/laser sessions, it was all by remote mode.

3. We must choose from the outset if we want treatment in remote or in contact.

For example:
In remote: shell empty / remote / healing / program: search color.
Choose a jade machine color.
Each color must work a minimum 20 minutes so select it 7 times of rank so that it turns of 3 mn in 3 mn.
This is the spectrochrome technique.
Same way in contact I prefer cold laser patches because it does not penetrate deep.
Patches can be placed in the back or in front.
Left hip/right shoulder.
For the fingers, the patches can be placed 1 ° on the back of the hand closer to the wrist 2 ° in the palm of the hand at the raz of the base of the fingers.
To start do one or two colors a day and this every day.

4. The first thing you would soak your poor fingertips in Colloidal Silver Solution! It is a great wound healer and anti-pathogen! Use at least 30-50ppm solution and you can also make up a salve (coconut oil and solution) to apply and cover.

For more details, please check the link:

5. It heals more quickly if you use the "Healing & Regeneration" plasma preset in the "Heal" folder, or the remote version in the Miscellaneous\Remote folder.

6. Also use hypericum 30C to prevent nerve damage & promote fast healing

For more details, please check the link:

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