Could GeneratorX Be Used As a Bob Beck Electrifier? Is it possible to set Spooky2 to pulse at 4hz with a square wave to replicate a Beck Zapper?

1. Consider using Spooky2 Wrist Laser and run blood scan results. It should be more targeted than Bob Beck Zapper.

2. Yes, both the XM and GX can function as a Bob Beck Electrifier. Use +100% offset. Set the amplitude in the 5 to 10 volts range (no need for Spooky Boost). Set the frequency to 7.83 Hz or 3.915 Hz. Enable ramping up and ramping down.

It is best to reverse the TENS pads or change to -100% offset periodically.

My search did not find an existing preset in this forum or in the Spooky2 application.

3. Quote from
A single 9V transistor radio battery drives a voltage tripler, and a single-IC-chip switches the 27–33V from negative to positive 3.92 times each second. A biphasic square wave with sharp rise-time output is fed to a 3.5 mm jack.

For more details, please check the link from:

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