Is it better to run generator without a computer?

1. It can work offline, but not for everything. For instance, it can't work with feathering, wobbles or sweeps when in standalone/offline. You have to have the GeneratorX connected to your laptop for that. Also with "Terrain" ( the thing we do before we start proper healing work) remote mode, you would have to advance the presets manually each day in offline mode making your 11 days take a potential 16, but it would still be 11 days when connected to a PC or laptop.

2. You will need to connect a computer to run the software and download programs to the GeneratorX to use as a standalone. I also think you need to be connected to a computer for biofeedback scans as the results are stored on the computer, rather than on the GeneratorX. So for full mobile functionality, a laptop would be easier.

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