What adapter should I use if I want just Spooky2 Cold Laser to travel without a generator?

1. There is no adaptor on the market that you can buy for this application (the red laser LEDs needs 5V, so the adapter needs not conventional wiring).

You have to do it yourself. So you have to solder yourself such an adapter.

2. You could just power up the cold laser (infrared laser diode), however, IMO a greater benefit can be had using Rife frequencies to modulate the infrared laser light. I view the frequency (wavelength) of infrared light acting as a carrier in the same way a carrier frequency is used with most Rife plasma devices. Rife programs contain information that has been tested and shown to provide a healing benefit. Spooky2 Plasma has been designed to run without a carrier frequency and has also proven to be effective by many user reports.

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