How to use Hunt & Kill on Spooky2 Scalar? How do I set generators?

1. The Scalar BFB scan results or Rife program(s) are sent to the generator USB port number that corresponds to the cable connected to the BNC connector on Spooky2 Scalar.
As an example on my laptop:
USB Port 7 is G1 on GX (my input channel) and I have cable connected to OUT1 which connects to Scalar Digitizer input on Scalar transmitter. I have no boost board fitted to G1.
USB Port 8 is G2 on GX (my output channel) and I have cable connected to OUT1 which connects to BNC connector on Scalar transmitter. I could connect a Boost board if I wanted to.

Re Hunt and Kill program.
The same applies as stated above. You need to set the port number in Settings tab that corresponds to your USB port assignment on your computer. In my example above I would make Output = 7 in Output Shadowing panel.
So port 7 is my input channel for BFB signal and port 8 is my output channel that sends BFB scan results to modulate the Scalar (tuned) frequency.

2. In the note of master preset, it says:
"7. Select the Master preset and load into G1.
8. In the After Scan frame of the Control tab, set 'Run on Gen' to the port number of G2.
9. Start the biofeedback using G1."
You need to set G2 to run scan results manually.

For more details, please check the link from:

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