Is it common to have symptoms caused by the pathogens flare up when they are being hit with Rife frequencies?

1. Herx symptoms are die-off symptoms and you’re supposed to feel icky and sluggish since you have a lot of toxins in your blood. Worsening of the actual symptoms is Herx.

2. When you Herx, it's just a foggy/crappy feeling for a bit and then you’re fine. This is a flaring of the symptoms that you are working to rid yourself of with none of the other usual Herx symptoms. Frequencies are irritating the pathogens (and killing hopefully) which is what is causing the flare ups.

3. They are mutating slightly/becoming more active in that area leaving behind antigens and creating an autoimmune-like reaction causing increased symptoms. Perhaps it’s just not enough treatment to get the symptoms to subside.

4. Yep! For sure. I had the worst candida flare up of my life as I worked through the candida and mold programs - then BAM! Two weeks later everything was hunky dory and all my symptoms were gone and so was my candida - powerful stuff!

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