What to do if children can't tolerate contact mode?

1. Using the CS port. Making sure only using contact settings.

2. Children's skin is tender. Think about only doing Remote. With the Spooky2 remote v2.0, it is equally effective as doing contact.

3. Possibly can do 30 minutes of the cold laser wrist for the blood cleansing effect. It has with children wearing sunglasses to protect children’s eyes before go to bed.

4. I think it’s a lot to ask children to wear TENS Pads all night. Also, with contact, one is only supposed to repeat the frequencies 1-2 times a day (morning + night max) to not overload the body. Children’s body can’t be over processing by running the frequencies too many times.

5. Maybe just lower the power to 2-4 volts.
After you click on your preset, but before you load it into a generator, make the following changes on the Settings tab.


And don’t use boost. Direct to output 1

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