How to smooth the muddy blood.

1. There have been good results with Cold Laser on wrist and blood cleansing programs.

2. That body needs earthed. Earthed I believe they are referring to grounding; walk barefoot in the grass. Or if it’s too cold, visualize your legs being a tree trunk and your roots going into the earth. Either way, it helps to ground out the bad energy build up in the body.

3. Serrapeptase is good for mopping up and there is a frequency for it too.

4. I would imagine that oxygen would be good. There is a blood cleaning program.

5. This is known as "Rouleaux" btw. The wrist item is purportedly good for this. I can't vouch for whether it is or isn't. Btw I would think cold laser would work for this as well since it is similar. Also, check YouTube for Rouleaux.

6. PEMF at 7.5 Hz on the wrist for at least 8 min (Time it takes for blood to circulate through the body and back to that spot) The cells are clumped together possibly because of weak charge on the outer of the cell membrane PEMF has the potential to charge the cells so they all repel each other.

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