How to reduce reaction to vaccines like Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Detox?

1. I don't know but look up vitamin A frequencies. That can help the body from getting measles. What kind of reaction did he have?

2. Probably heavy metal detox then but yeah go with intuition on building up as don't want to make him ultra-tired. Reaction to vaccines, vitamin C frequency along with heavy metal detox frequency can help. Also Inoculations Reaction.


Adverse Drug Reaction.


3. Treating metals first is wise. Aluminum can cause mood disruption and is neurotoxic along with the mercury. Check the ingredients in the MMR, and also the legally non-listed excipients. Detox GMOs, detox pesticides, see if there is a way to detox formaldehyde. I believe I saw DNA repair, perhaps in the David Halladay Experimental sets. I think RNA was somewhere as well - to combat any RNA transcripting retroviruses. I'm not sure if the SV-40 had been found specifically in the MMR but it would be worth going after that as well. Glutathione to help brain detoxification and/or ingest the liposomal form to cross the blood-brain barrier.

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