What we can do to improve my lymphatic function?

1. There is a lymphatic, liver, kidney and digestive cleanse set that you can operate by Remote in the database.

2. If you want to drain the lymph faster, run the programs, but bounce on a mini trampoline for a few minutes a few times a day. There is not a better solution to getting the lymph moving. Unlike the heart that pumps the blood, the lymph doesn't have a pump, so the gravity of bouncing on a rebounder is the next best option.

3. Add drainers to help get toxins out of your system. Drink much more clean filtered water to help wash toxins from your system!

4. Don’t forget the essential sunlight.

5. I take activated charcoal on empty stomach in middle of night so it doesn’t bind important nutrients, an Epsom salt bath often. I also try to “exercise” it out of my body. The foot bath in Spooky2 sounds great to release toxins. I have to find that!

6. I’ve had good luck improving my lymphatic function through biweekly lymphatic massage, and supplementing with serrapeptase, which is a biofilm disruptor and helps with candida, too.

7. You might check to see if all the detox pathways ahead of lymph are clear. The detox program doesn't always address more significant problems in the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, large intestine and sigmoid colon. If you have a GX you could run scans on those area/organs to ensure there is a clear path for the removal of toxins, debris, etc.

8. Run the multi-nutrient set too. I've been told the Vitamin D can thicken the lymph fluid and Vitamin A keeps it thinner. So running the frequencies for multi mineral and vitamins might help or look up specific ones in the program set.

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