Why doing a baseline before general scan my results are much lower than before just doing the BFB alone?

1. This indicates that Baseline is working well for you. Most viruses are 800 kHz or lower. Only some very small viruses are above this frequency. So I think most of you scan results before are from the environment (WIFI, radio, TV, cell phone, etc.). Also, the old scan of 18 MHz was reduced to 1.8 MHz in the new software (20190116), because the higher frequencies are mostly from electronics. To sum up, no need to worry, your scan results are more accurate after using Baseline.

2. That's with threshold set to 0.2 Samples set to 5.

For more details, please check the link:


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    Marcin Rzeszotarski

    After doing baseline I still get results only from 8MHz to 17MHz with values above 4.0 (even to 40.0!). Strongest results are from ~14MHz. I have done over 20 scans with setting angle, current or current+angle. Some of results are repeating with each scan, so I using them in contact/remote sessions. 

    Is it normal situation? I have no results from ~800kHz frequencies. However, I have strong herxes after remote/contact sessions using my results. 

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