What do you do if you cannot handle Terrain?

1. Run Herx helper drink water.

2. Run as many detox as cam I run mine continuously on maintenance.

3. I didn't because I didn't have any at home but I did oil pulling every day and just drank a lot of water. I think next time I probably would just for peace of mind that it's getting out of the system. Others have recommended the foot bath detox too. I've done this and it definitely helps. Plenty of people really struggle with terrain and it's a hardcore detox so listen to your body if you need to take it slow.

4. I agree with the support programs. Also not doing too much too fast. When you are ill there is a temptation to throw everything at the health problem, but sometimes it worthwhile doing one step at a time. Just an opinion. I did my first terrain program via contact and nothing else as the pulse scans Herxed me too hard. Then I started M+L. Now I am using plasma on the parasite problem.

5. Just take it slow. Personally, I skipped the terrain and went right for the biofeedback scan. That may not be right for everyone but it worked fine for me and was 100% necessary for my dog as he was stage 4 cancer. I found there are a lot of false positive hits the way the scan is set up initially; yawn, move an arm, sneeze, fart, etc. and it would raise my heart rate and give a false positive hit. To really get solid results with BFB, I set the max targets to 100 with heart rate at three steps. This allowed for many hits, false or not to be recorded. When that scan was done, I grade scanned the 100 hits at the recommended 6 heartbeats and select the top 20. Doing that give me solid repeatable results; the downside is that it takes a lot longer but at least I knew I wasn’t treating a false hit.

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