Since I started Spooky2 sessions, I'm having intense cravings for chocolate, orange juice, and potato chips with sea salt. Is it normal?

Yes, I also had these cravings when started Spooky2. I myself was releasing very painful stage 3 neuro Lyme. The pain of releasing neurotoxins in brain and body, caused my body to want pain relief. Chocolate has very powerful painkillers in it. I would buy 5lbs chocolate and it would vanish in a few days. I then stopped this when realized what was going on. I started to Rife the ingredients in chocolate I was craving and then felt better. When I crave chocolate I Rife a program created with:

Healing JW – preset


More info: Chocolate & Dopamine | Healthy Eating | SF Gate

For more details, please check the link:

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