Any advice on running the program 'fat burn'?

1. Have heard to be careful because it works. When fat is shrunk, it removes the hiding place of parasites which then makes a person uncomfortable as they find a new home.

If no one has a parasite, Lyme, EBV issue then I would assume it’s a good program to run along with diet and exercise. Just will take some time to change body composition with rife therapy.

2. Just starting fat metabolism frequency.

I would start by killing the bad guys in the gut flora, eating nothing that is a food for them (no gluten, milk, sugar, sweetener, processed food) and also killing the parasites. The bacteria also weight many kilos in us. I really think it might help. And also it is the most important thing for the health, the healthy gut flora.

4. I used the fat burn program in a healing or killing preset for remote. I only ran it for a day or less, because it stimulated too much waste load that I needed to detox.
It is acceptable to move as needed when using Tens pads.

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