Is Lyme protocol designed to work in conjunction with herbal medicines?

1. I haven't started the protocol yet. I have been under the care of a Naturopath, who has had me detoxing, and reducing as much inflammation, and getting as many parasites out of my system as possible, before venturing forth into anything much more. My Naturopath was the one who made me aware of Spooky2, as she uses it herself.

Thus far, I have done the Detox Maintenance a few times, and a few other spiritual presets, and am now on step 6.2 of Terrain. I also have infra-red saunas, which my current budget has allowed once a fortnight. I have done castor oil packs, and coffee enemas. The latter used to send my body into mild shock. For me, I am taking a holistic approach, which will include me using the Spooky2 Lyme and Morgellons Protocol, as well as an herbal one. I think to myself: What if constant, and prolonged illness results in us buying, and being stuck by a point of view, where our reality is being created based on our judgements that we are hindered, and limited by our illness? What if we are able to bring down those walls, and open up space for amazing possibilities? How does it get better than that? Anyway, that's just me, trying to cover as many healing possibilities as I can think of.

2. I think this is a personal choice if you want to do both at the same time. Some do, others do not. For me personally, I felt like my body could only do one at a time.

3. My uninformed and non-medical opinion (and therefore you have to work this out for yourself based on experience and research and don't just listen to me) is that it depends on how bad your system (bodily system) really is and whether you can kill without a massive Herx. I know that when I use ant parasite herbs alongside the sets for M+L the effect is big and I don't need as much herbs, but I can Herx, but I have also been experimenting on using M+L with diet and foods and no herbs. I cannot prescribe for you and I don't know your situation (as most of us don't even know how bad our bodies are anyway) so you have to go by feel. You may find that you have to repeat some sets or spend longer on some sets than is recommended depending on what is in your body and what you need to get rid of. Once you have completed M+L you may want to repeat it again and again to make sure you hit everything and everything that has hatched.
The documentation for the Protocol suggests using other modalities in your healing of Morgellons and Lyme, but does not offer these modalities in the protocol itself. The protocol is focused on the Spooky2 aspect of healing yourself from Morgellons and Lyme.

4. It does have a suggestion of using brine therapy to help with slime mold. And it talks about muscle testing to help make decisions for choosing supplements.

5. I recommend reading the protocol documentation, if is found in the Presets tab under \Morgellons and Lyme\Morgellons and Lyme v3.0\GUIDE M&L - Click Me.pdf. The document is 79 pages long, and much of is pictures and charts.

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