My daughter has got lumbar scoliosis. I've done some research and it says it can be from parasites?

1. I would agree with you, from what I have seen in myself and others, I see mostly this caused by Lyme disease. I have had Lyme since the child and have had a terrible back, neck problems from Lyme. With Spooky2 and some chiropractic I rarely have neck or back pain anymore.

I had a daughter with this problem I would get a Spooky2 GX Essential Kit to start. I would also get a bottle of food grade activated charcoal in case has a Herx. Biofeedback scans will also help find and kill parasites, then allowing the body to grow back to birthright health. I have this unit, very well. Also many have recovered from Lyme with just the laser light units, just awareness. I would vote for this, and Colloidal Silver Kit.

Spooky2 Generator X Essential Kit

Colloidal Silver

2. My experience is scoliosis has a sub-acute malnutrition component. So I always advocate immediate dietary change and increased nourishment and address any absorption issues (usually more food helps this).

Alignment can be helped by osteopathy and chiropractic.
The first thing I would want to know is if she is thin and underweight. I’ve found a lot of scoliosis to be with children that are underweight. For that they need increased macronutrients from whole food sources this is meat, vegetables and healthy starches like oats. What you are doing is good. I see kids on the lower side of BMI get scoliosis but it’s less common with kids on the higher side of BMI to get scoliosis e.g. a BMI of 25 vs 20.

3. My mother is 78 years old. She was much distorted from scoliosis her feet and hands where purple. The purple traveled up her arms and legs. Her right side of her body was larger than her left. Her left shoulder was lower than her right. A large hump in the top of her back.

The chest on right side was lifted kind of even in the middle of chest. On the right side of her chest was a hole a little bigger than a silver dollar. She had pain constantly even when sleeping. She would each night find a new position comfortable at that moment to fall asleep I she move she would wake up and have to start all over again.

She could not walk without holding on to something. I was desperate to help her. Looked at surgery (without that she probable would not survive) cost estimate one hundred fifty thousand dollars Braces ridged and soft was almost impossible to get a response( which medic aid will not cover anything to do with scoliosis) by the time I did get a response. I had found Spooky2 and had purchased it.

The first night I put her finger nail in between the two magnets for remote using scoliosis/ distortion with john white healing programs, my mother could not sleep the first night. Over months now the purple is gone. She remembers a little better, her balance is better, she has more energy. One night late she thought she was having a heart attack for about two hours then the little bigger than a silver dollar hole on her chest, a bone popped up and the whole was gone! Then her bum began to itch, went on for weeks.

She would have days she did not feel good at all. The bump on her chest is gone. Her shoulders are closer to being level. Recently she had so much pain in her back that she could not sleep at all and looked like she might be trying to stop tears from flowing. The next day the pain stopped and the large hump in the middle of her back was smaller.

She did live in the same state as I, but an hour and a half away from me. When the pain in her back occurred and the hump went down I had moved her to my sister’s house eight hours away from me in another state while Spooky2 kept running at my place. She continues to get better. She is still in the healing process.

She was started on treatment from Spooky2 about the first of April, 2015 by Remote the whole time I believe that this machine Spooky2 has saved her from a horrible death.

The most success we have had as of yet is in using the TENS Pads to stimulate and heal the nerves on the coccyx and lower lumbar area, it was very helpful!

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