What can I take action on that have been tested positive for Lyme, but I don’t present as Lyme?

1. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and candida. Only in recent years have I noticed that parasites play a part in my health issues. So I have been using the parasite program in the M+L protocol.

I started from the very beginning of M+L in accordance with the golden rule of Rifing and, with time, eventually completed the parasite section too. I am now repeating the parasite section as these buggers are really tenacious and need a real good thrashing. I will probably repeat the parasite sets a few more times before going on to the rest of the protocol. Using method B 4 XM Generators. No scans uploaded in the M+L. Only running scans on a separate Generator (GX plus other programs for candida and my prostate).

The simplest but not necessarily true answer would be that whatever you are doing with tones is temporarily clearing toxins and you should collect all of the ways you can control toxins (tones, chelators etc.) and use them strategically to function and not feel miserable all the time while you are figuring from whence they come and how to get rid of them.

2. I was introduced to the idea of parasites in the body from reading Hulda Clark's book. I believe that the body can heal itself with great effectiveness when the body doesn't have to work at trying to get rid of toxins. With this thought I feel one of the most effective programs to run are ones that kill parasites. That with living as clean as possible and eating a clean diet can work wonders for our health. The other presets like the for instance the pain preset are just icing on the cake. One wouldn't need the pain preset necessarily if the body was free of toxins and could work at healing itself.

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