I want to get my sister off Effexor with little or no withdrawal. Any suggestion for something to replace Effexor the anti-depression drug with?

1. You will want to research this carefully before advising her to reduce or quit the medication. Some antidepressants (like Paxil) have severe withdrawal symptoms that could be life threatening (driving, working with dangerous tools, etc). You definitely don't want an ugly side effect to be suicidal tendencies. I know that Paxil people have to decrease the dosage by tiny amounts at a time or they get symptoms that require them to INCREASE the dosage (to above what they WERE taking!) and then start over with decreasing the dosage.

Arum (or gold frequencies) is supposed to be helpful for depression. Maybe experiment with this while your sister is still on the anti-depressant.

You may want to try The Emotion Code. I have done this remotely by swiping a magnet down a photo of the person or animal.

2. Some cases prove that PEMF therapy can help with depression. For more details, please check this blog:
You can use MiraMate Big Magic for your sister. MiraMate is a sibling brand of Spooky2, focused on PEMF therapy.

I have done PEMF at the Head. (The High Powered Version of PEMF). I can not say that it has changed the intensity of the Depression but it has a relaxing effect. But it may help with low-level Depression.

Transcranial low voltage pulsed electromagnetic fields in patients with treatment-resistant depression:


3. I am also affected by Depressions since forever so I know what I am talking about:

  • Use some Meditation Pyramids. (Or build yourself one out of Copper or Wood)
    Yes, it has an effect on the human that it initiates Meditation. And Meditation brings you the Feeling of calmness and security. You have to do nothing, only sleep under or sit and a Pyramid. Don't underestimate the effect.
  • The second thing that has a huge effect is ORMUS (or monoatomic Gold).
    This takes time, you can buy it or produce by yourself but has a side effect that you can get a headache or you may sleep much more than normal (but sleeping more than normal is normal for anyone who has got Depressions.)
    The commercial 2 different Anti-Depressants that I have tested simply do not work. Also, Amphetamine is not a solution for this Problem.
  • I also have a positive effect from using Iodine or the so-called Lugolsch' Solution.

For more details, please check the link from:

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