Will Spooky2 interfere with some medications for Sjögrens Syndrome and migraines?

1. Please google Sjogren's CMV also US Library of Medicine Sjogren's CMV. Idelma Read about the mice given Sjogren's like disease. I haven't tried the frequency for CMV from Hulda Clark's original frequency list but after doing the research on the cytomegalovirus as “The etiology of Sjogren's Syndrome”. Her listing showed the MOR as anywhere from 403.35 to 410.75 kilohertz. On her old type frequency generator, she used 409 kHz. She does not mention Sjogren's syndrome, which Spooky2 gives one a frequency set for that.

2. I have autoimmune thyroiditis and take a high dose thyroid. Frequencies have not hindered my meds except the Healing Preset / Remote / Immune Stimulator. That preset seemed to make me ache. And make me feel as if I had not taken any medicine. I tried this program on 4 different occasions with the same result. Other than this one, I have not had an issue except the usual Herxheimer.

Those with diabetes also must know which programs may affect them. I have not heard of Sjogren's being affected negatively. I understand it’s an autoimmune disease so I would not recommend running the immune system stimulate preset.

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