Regarding preset of miscellaneous > remote > eczema (JK). Is it the same to run that preset and to run empty shell > H bomb - and then run eczema 2 (XTRA)? How to make a custom set including that preset?

1) No. Click on that preset, then go into the Settings Tab, and take a look at the waveform pictures. 2) You will see they are not H-Bombs.
Start with \Shell (Empty) Preset\Remote\Killing (R) - JW

In the Settings Tab, do the following.

Under Signal Settings:
Amplitude Out1 & Out2 = 20

Under Waveform Setup:
F2 = F1 X 64 Hz
X ModulateF2 Using F1 (AM DSB)

For more details, please check the link:

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