Is it normal to experience headaches and nausea when using Spooky2 to help breast cancer?

1. You're just most likely processing the die-off of cancer and possibly some bacteria and parasites or something.

2. I had a stinging sensation as tumor dissolved only where the tumor was.

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3. I had the same thing pain swelling headaches when I was treating my tumor in my neck which grew to baseball size in about six months and it was a solid mass before I started Spooky2. I was able to break it up with Spooky2 and my body actually pushed it out through my skin like a foreign body (like a sliver). The cancer doctors had never seen that happen before. I did have to have surgery though to remove the small amount that was left. Spooky2 worked for me there were many hours a day for about a year. Keep at it. Detox constantly. Drink lots of water flush it out. I also used Phoenix tears that may help with the headaches.

4. Check your reverse lookup at .025 % for the following pathogens: Rabies, Pseudomonas, Mycobacterium leprae, Clostridium, and run them separately using CAFL frequencies when is possible. What I find out is that the biofeedback scan never finds Mycobacterium leprae, and it is a bacteria that everyone has, it is part of the Miasmas, so if you don't find this one or rabies, just run them on its own.

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