Can I line a cardboard box with foam or polystyrene and upend it over the Remote(s) or Generator?

1. Yes, cover the Remote. Do not cover the Generator because it would overheat. I just went and looked at how I did mine and I used 2 of the black part, and one black I just carved a little bit more foam out so the connection sticks out far enough to go onto Generator. I have used the other black foam as the top as I had plenty of them and no carving necessary. You could just carve out the inside the white one enough so they fit together. I only used these covers when I went on holidays and took them with me. Now I use the newer black clamshell style v2.0 Remote. Do not cover the Generator. The Remote does not heat up so you can cover it to stop the noise they make at times.

In the meantime, if you have the small foam 2 piece boxes they came in they are perfect, just cut a small enough piece out of the end of one for the connecter to go through into the Generator, and put rubber band around. Otherwise do a search on this Facebook page and you will find how others have done it.

2. Highly suggest you buy the new Remotes, the black clamshell ones that are far improved from the old foam topped ones that were noisy, and did not work as well as the new clamshell ver.1.2.

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