How do I deal with Lichen planus? I’m suffering from it with loose teeth, pain. Does a mouth rinse made with MMS AND DMSO help? Is it safe? My friend was diagnosed with a form a Alopecia they call Lichen Planus Pilaris, any suggestion with the hair loss?

1. Maybe GenX biofeedback may help if a viral issue. If an immune system issue then consider Dr Grundy's book The Plant Paradox. Gut issues can have (almost "stealthy") effects on seemingly unrelated parts of the body. Gundry's book is an excellent source of education and an easy read. I would think that if the mouth issue is gut related, one would know within 3-4 weeks of the "Gundry Program".

I have never used MMS so I can't give any advice on that but I would suggest trying "Oil Pulling". I use organic sesame oil. A lot of people use coconut oil. At the very least, Oil Pulling will whiten the teeth. I had a holistic dentist look at me suspiciously one time and ask if I got my teeth whitened (by someone other than her)? I talked about it to my Now holistic dentist and he must have discussed it with his wife because he said on my next visit that his wife tried it and was a big fan. Oil Pulling would be an inexpensive thing to try and if you didn't like it, the oil could still be used for cooking.

Another thing to look into would be a Liver Cleanse (like Hulda Clark). This will move stones and sludge out of the Liver. If the Liver has been bogged down, the entire body is bogged down by toxins. Read the instructions carefully and do a Parasite cleanse first (either with Spooky as a zapper or using an herbal mixture (look for the nearest herb shop with an accredited herbalist) for three weeks prior to a cleanse. When the Liver is balanced (physically and/or energetically), Mood is greatly improved.

Also suggest that you take a mineral supplement (I like liquid minerals like Buried Treasure brand but if she is deficient, it won't matter what kind you take). I once cleared up a mystery (*severely* painful) joint problem by an inspiration to take a mineral supplement. About three weeks into taking the supplement (tablet form) I suddenly realized that my joint problem had left. So take a mineral supplement for short periods.

2. Lichen planus is an autoimmune condition which is exacerbated by free mercury loads and stress. There is no pathogen involved.

So the first thing I'd do in your friend’s position is to use Spooky2 to detox mercury and heavy metals. Then run the Lichen Planus KHZ frequency set non-stop in Remote Mode, with one Contact Mode session daily until he starts to see signs of progress. Then he could add hair restoration Programs into this regimen and alternate.

Good settings for KHZ sets are David Halliday's, shown on page 77 of the January edition of the Spooky2 User's Guide. Other waveforms he can try are the plain sawtooth (third in the list), and the H-Bomb square (last in the list). Note that Duty Cycle is only relevant for square wave (as shown in David's settings - all others are automatically set to 50%.

When using these settings in Contact Mode, he should change the Amplitude from 4 to 20, "Repeat Program" from 0 to 1, and "Dwell Multiplier" from .35 to 1 - but don't forget to revert to the original settings again for Remote. In Contact Mode, he shouldn't need to tick the "Reduce Amplitude" checkbox because the 100% positive Offset will reduce the delivered Amplitude to 10 volts anyway.

For mercury detox, he can also use David's settings, with variations as suggested above, or he can use John White's, shown on page 76 of the Guide. The best sets, which he can load and run as one Program in Remote Mode non-stop for 40 hours, are:

Mercury Toxicity V CAFL
Heavy Metal Toxicity XTRA

I also recommend him to use Spooky2 Pulse to see if he can track down what's causing his immune system to attack his cells. And I would avoid steroids like the plague.

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