Does inflammation cause clots? If my blood INR must be kept at 4.0, how to avoid it?

I know inflammation does cause clots. I've had clots from endocarditis that took a while to get identified (which bacterial infection preventions were one reason we got into the frequency therapy). Some, in my Coumadin groups have APS which makes them high risk for blood clots and have to have higher INR ranges due to that.

What I've done is a lot of support frequency programs with minerals, meridians, balancing, healing, and all those frequencies to help. And as needed, I will add cold and flu, infections, etc. For me, it seems as my body continues to heal, there will always be changes to my INR as I'm able to do more things. But as I learn about tricks and such with keeping things balanced, I'm reducing a lot of that inflammation.

It is challenging for sure. I was just so happy to have a way to detox (frequency therapy) without having so many supplements that either didn't sit well or interacted with the Coumadin.

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