Which programs are dangerous if I have a rare blood clotting condition and my specialist is keeping my blood INR at 4.0 so the clots won’t come back? Any anti-inflammatory medication can take my blood thinner to a life threatening level.

I have not had any issues with frequencies interfering with INR. In fact, probably helps prevent blood clots. There are many other things that impact the INR so it would be hard to know. I just get mine checked every 2 weeks and adjust as needed.

I run everything, even homeopathies. The frequency detox works extremely well for being on Coumadin because it doesn't interfere with it as actual herbs do. However any changes in the body, less sleep, more sleep, less stress, more stress, that impacts metabolism and all that, also affect the INR. I also do a lot of liver support via frequencies and herbals and this helps me prevent blood clots and keeps INR more stable.

I have not tried an NSAID via the frequency list, but I have used inflammation sets and amusing Boswellia and then the essential oil Helichrysum regularly via frequencies. I've been using another frequency unit for many years before I got the Spooky2 a few weeks ago.

I think the few programs to consider would be ones to stop bleeding unless it was something you needed to stop. For me, my INR is much lower because of the risk for platelet thinning due to another condition. I'd been able to stabilize my platelet count with MCT oil, and then this month, even with taking MCT oil, my platelet count dropped. Haven't figured out when or why it drops if related to fighting off viral issues, or detoxing, etc. So I notice changes more with platelets in my blood work more than INR. Don't know if that helps or not, but that's been my experience.

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