Can I set more than 5 volt when using Plasma (tab 'Settings'/Signal Settings/Amplitude) to get more effect?

1. Basically no. With Spooky2 Central, this will damage the unit. With Spooky2 Plasma, there will be no damage, but on the other hand, you don't get a more powerful signal either if you use a higher voltage. This information is based on posts I read in the Spooky2 forum. The Spooky2 Plasma unit is not really an amplifier, but is gated or modulated by the input signal. Also, adding more voltage beyond the spec of the bulb would probably ruin the bulb (I didn't read this, this is just speculation).

2. Don't fiddle with Spooky2 Central/Plasma settings as you may damage your equipment and void warranty if applicable. Spooky2 plasma is rated at 40 Watts and it has sufficient power for cancer treatments, so more power is not necessarily better for cancer treatments.

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