My husband has gastric cancer which causes dehydrated, do all protocols dehydrate or just the detox ones?

1. You can always hydrate with an enema.

2. When these detox frequencies run, the blood gets filled with toxins, thus the need to drink more water. If a person is not drinking more water to compensate for this toxin increase of the bloodstream, they will become dehydrated.

3. Anything that detox the body will inherently dehydrate the body. This is not just for the Spooky2 device, this is for any type of detox. The challenge here is that he cannot ingest a lot of water. Coconut water can be easy to digest, enemas hydrated person faster than IVs, and for using a frequency for enhancing digestion might work.

4. Do you have access to a clinic that does IV vitamins? It is a good way to get fluids without needing to drink. Maybe that needs to complement the Spooky2’s work? If you can go to a wellness clinic where they give IV treatments, it helps both rehydrate and the vitamins help with energy and nausea. But you might need an appointment with a naturopath to do something like that. Or just keep going back to emergency for the IV fluids.

5. Any chance your husband could cope with some celery juice? My integrative doctor told me to drink lots of celery juice (and water) whilst using detoxing and killing programs for my Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. It’s extremely alkalizing too which can only help in any cancer case.

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