I grouped Candida 1 and Candida 2 and Candida Albicans. Is it wise to run Detox maintenance JK to help deal with the load or will it add to the load?

1. Just a quick note, you may want to take some molybdenum orally as it removes acetaldehyde from candida die off.

2. I think it would be helpful. If you’re concerned, you can search programs for the individual sets. Like Detox liver/kidney, I think Intestines is there. I like to add in healing things to the chain like Quercetin for tightening up intestinal wall junctions and Activated Charcoal and Montmorillonite. I can’t remember if there is an MW for Glutamine

3. Yes. That will be good. When you feel comfortable, try "Grade Scans" as that might be even more targeted to the pathogen in question and a personal prescription for your bugs.

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