Should we run the healing programs on continuous loops until symptoms resolve like killing presets?

1. The same rationale for healing applies as it does for killing. It takes time to heal. This is true for Spooky2 use as it is for healing without Spooky2. Everyone is different and can handle things differently. So only you can decide what is working for you. For me, I can tell you that I had very bad bursitis in both my shoulders. I'd had this for almost 2 years before I started using Spooky2 to help. At first, nothing was happening and I knew it was because I didn't have the right frequencies. I tried difference frequencies but still didn't feel it was improving. After much research both in this group, on google and on YouTube, I came up with a set of 3 frequencies that I ran for about 3 months. I ran this on Remote and never stopped it. Once a month, I would pause it to change to a new fingernail - fresh DNA - then start it off again. As I started to see minor improvements, I became more positive that I would heal. This positive attitude, belief in healing plus the frequencies I ran finally did the trick and I've been free of bursitis for a couple of months now. The Contact methods fit the other use you talk about - 1-2x per day. I've never used Contact and at this stage prefer the set and forget style of the Remote. Remote = repeat until you achieve your goal.

2. I try to not stop programs too quickly even if I feel better. I want to be certain that I have completely resolved the issue.

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