Essential oil for cancer.

1. Ledum of Groenland (anti-cancer, anti-tumor), ravintsara (anti-cancer), frankincense (anti-cancer, immune level), Nigel oil (cumin noir) anti metastases, vitamin B 17, curcumin, brome.
You can mix Ledum (5 drops), ravintsara (2 drops) and frankincense (2 drops) in a big spoon of aloe vera (pure) and drink it. (3 Times per day)

2. Essiac Tea and B17 with B15 and the special enzymes (to eat tumors) work very well especially in the beginning. I have seen it dissolve breast cancer. Also the cordyceps and seaweed (watch for Fukushima). Stop all meat ALL MEAT and dairy. Dr. Lauren Day cured her cancer with carrot juice. It is not the cancer that kills the patient but the Lactic Acid. It builds to a point where cleansing is just too big a task for a body so damaged (primarily by crazy chemo). Cancer ferments for energy and emits lactic acid waste that travels to the liver (very burdensome) to be converted to glycogen and the cancer gets that. Cancer devours sugar and emits a hormone that blocks cells from nourishment. You could feed the patient a Thanksgiving meal every day but they would starve. So go all veggies and turn the blood alkaline. The cancer cannot survive in the increased oxygen holding of the body.

3. Order some MMS and give it a try. It has cured the flu a half a dozen times for my friends. The stuff kills pathogens. Get the IONIC Minerals from optimally organic dot com ....These are the latest in liquid ionic. The particles are small enough to enter the cells and transform dying cells to living ones, killing all viruses, bacteria and ridding the inside of the cells of toxins. Liquid Ionics work!

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