Is the H Square Bomb preset as effective as a killing or healing preset and is there any advantage of using it if I know which is a killing or healing program?

1. Killing, this waveform is the strongest one. Be careful about Time sequence, this one may create Herx reactions.

2. It is very beneficial for killing even when you know what it is you want to do. Also, please note the preset uses 20 Volts, for the best approach. I highly suggest not reducing the voltage in any circumstance. As it is a unique waveform, it is well suited for healing as well, but please remember it the frequency that does most of the work. I would recommend having a bomb for both healing and killing. You will see that Jeff Kaczor uses it a lot for his presets, but at times there are other better waveforms for certain things, I always trust waveforms by Manuel Mallo and Jeff Kaczor - and John White uses what is best for the Plasma. You can study some of the already made presets and go into the settings screen and see a graph of what they look like.

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