Can I use the Chakra programs with Eczema preset because the Eczema preset is a killing preset and the Chakra is a healing preset? What should I be in it if I want a good memory?

1. The Eczema preset is a factory preset created by Jeff Kaczor, so you can be sure it's a good one. It could be killing or healing, I really don't know, except that it's specific to Eczema and Jeff knows what he's doing. There's no shell required because it's already in a shell.

The Chakra & Memory programs definitely require a "heal" shell when you're creating this custom preset.

So once you've created your Chakra & Memory preset in a healing shell, you can then chain the two presets. This will work much like manually stopping one preset (Eczema) and starting another (Chakra & Memory), except that by chaining them they will automatically rotate.

If you had two generators, I would suggest you run the Eczema preset on one, and the Kundalini preset on the other, allowing them to loop 24/7.

However, as you have only one generator (from memory) you would either chain the presets or do it manually, i.e. run Eczema preset for several days, then stop it and run Kundalini preset for several days, etc.

If you plan to chain them, you could make a custom Chakra preset instead of using the Kundalini preset. The reason for this is that the Kundalini preset runs for about 6 hours, whereas your Eczema preset runs for only one hour. If it were me, I'd prefer a balance. Making a shorter Chakra preset would be preferable, IMHO. When making a Chakra preset, ensure you encase it in a Remote healing empty shell.

Here are instructions for chaining:

By the way, I think combining the gentleness of a Chakra or Kundalini preset with the Eczema preset is an excellent idea, no matter which way you choose to do it.

2. If I were you I would probably make my "Chakra & Memory" healing/support preset, as follows:

1) In Presets tab > Shell (Empty) Presets > Remote > "Healing (R) - JW"

2) In Programs tab, search the following and double-click them down into the Loaded Programs panel:

Search: "chakra", and about third down the list you'll see "Chakra 2 Chain". Or choose any of the others instead.

Search: "memory", and select "memory long-term".

3) Click back to Presets tab, click the floppy disk icon, and name your preset "Chakra & Memory (R)", click floppy disk icon to save.

You'll find this custom preset in your User folder from here on, and thus can use it separately or chain it with the Eczema preset per the instructional video link I sent earlier.

For more details, please check the link:

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