Should I treat chronic constipation using GX with biofeedback scans or use presets or both?

1. Both! Scans are super important as it the give you the direct hits your bodies calling for and then I usually pick a pathogen from the scan that is related to your problem.

2. Anti-parasite grade scanned sets. Likewise with candida (all types) sets for an intestinal blockage. Kill for parasites and candida, heal for an intestinal blockage. Longer dwell times for killing, 3 min (maybe) for healing.

3. A multi-strain Probiotic, at least 15 strains. No antibiotics or bread/wheat.

4. You can take Psyllium husk. If it gets worse maybe you aren’t drinking enough water. I have been taking Psyllium husk for almost 12 years and I recommend it to all of my clients, especially those with digestive issues. Not only does psyllium gel up when it comes in contact with water, improving viscosity in the digestive tract, but it's also insoluble fiber which helps to feed good bacteria.

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