How to do biofeedback scan step by step with sample digitizer?

1. Attach the Sample Digitizer to Out 1 of one of your GenX generators, put your sample in the digitizer.
2. To the other generator of your GenX, attach a Boost, and attach a Remote to the BN port on the Boost and put your DNA sample in the Remote.
3. In Spooky2 software, go to Presets > Biofeedback > Sample Digitizer and select the "1 Hour Biofeedback Scan (SD) - JW"
4. Now go to the Control tab and click "Overwrite Generator".
5. Click on the button for the GenX generator on which you have installed the Sample Digitizer.
6. Look at the bottom half of the screen where the details for the Biofeedback scan are setup.
7. Put your initials in the box next to Log Name
8. Click the checkbox for Run Hits.
9. Type the number of the GenX generator on which you installed the Boost and Remote with your DNA in the box for "Run on Gen".
10. If you want to run the hits until you decide to stop, type 0 in the "Repeat" box.

Here is a screenshot of a sample setup of the Scan area for running the hits on my Gen X that is Generator 20, and set to run the hits until stopped. If you just want to run the hits a set number of times, put the appropriate number in the Repeat box.


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