Is all of the "energy" going into the sample only when running Sample Digitizer scan?

1. It's scanning you through quantum entanglement. It searches out the host of the DNA in the digitizer and does it instantaneously!

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2. The Sample Digitizer only scans the sample of whatever is within the device, as it has no capability to get feedback from the rest of the body the sample came from. The scan frequencies still go to the entire body, but the results only contain frequencies resonant within the sample. When the "run" portion starts, the frequencies are sent to the DNA within the Sample Digitizer, or other Remote, based on how it is set up. The treatment from Sample Digitizer will be weaker than a Remote, so it is better to run on a different device if enough are available.

3. So if blood is in the Sample Digitizer - it only scans the blood. Saliva - only scans the pathogens or viruses in the saliva. Nail filling dust - only the pathogens in the nails. But due to DNA being connected to you, you would still receive a bit of treatment. The Sample Digitizer is comparable to the very first Spooky2 Remote v1.0 that had no magnet. The v2.0 Remote is much improved and that should be the Remote of choice for treatments - unless doing the scan and run on the same port using Sample Digitizer.

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