Any suggestions on treating disseminated Strongyloides?

1. Use your scans. Also, you will find sets for the below possible symptoms:
1) Upper abdominal burning or pain.
2) Diarrhea, or alternating diarrhea and constipation.
3) A cough.
4) A rash.
5) Red hives near the anus.
6) Vomiting.
7) Weight loss.

2. Run all nematode, Strongyloides, worm eggs, and helminthiasis and fluke frequencies. Set the frequency wobble to 1 %. Make sure each frequency is run for at least 400 seconds. Treat daily for at least 6 months and make sure you’re taking your meds too. Also add high dose clove extract, black walnut, Artemisia annua, cinnamon verum extract, and oregano oil and Artemisia absinthium twice daily. Start with you frequency programs running at about 60 seconds for each frequency which is about a 0.3 dwell time in the settings, do this for the first month. Then progress up to 400 seconds per frequency, this will require long treatments. Dwell time should be set to approx. 2.5. Ensure to drink a lot of water vitamin C, zinc and selenium and take psyllium husk daily to soak up all the toxins in the bowel. Once you can tolerate some exercise it's important to start getting the muscles hot and moving to excrete more toxins.

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3. Try running frequencies 1764, and 1772. They work well at killing Strongyloides. You can put the frequencies in the water and drink them to make it more effective. Be sure to take digestive enzymes to digest the protein that’s left. They will be gone quickly.

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